Nickel Rock’s Mission

Our mission is to locate commercial grade metal deposits and to eventually have our properties producing these key metals for buyers around the world. We will initially focus our business on the key energy metals of nickel and lithium.

Our Promise

To our shareholders, we propose to professionally manage several world-class exploration projects spread across various international mining-friendly jurisdictions.

Our primary focus will be on finding key metals including precious metals and energy metals, specifically nickel and lithium; metals that have a near-term and long-term future in the new world economy. This market focus will provide you, the shareholder, with confidence in your investment at all times.

About Nickel Rock

Corporate Philosophy

Like the modern, green, energy metals industry itself, Nickel Rock Resources Inc. is a modern, green, highly efficient company. We run a small, modest, yet modern, shared office environment using minimal non-renewable resources. Employees are encouraged to work remotely, thereby improving our overall carbon footprint and the quality of life of our staff. We are focused on retaining and enhancing shareholder value.

Our Properties


The Mount Sidney Williams Group consists of five claim blocks in four groups with a total area of 6,125 hectares in the area surrounding Mount Sidney Williams, both adjoining and near the Decar project of FPX Nickel Corp., located 100 kilometres northwest of Fort St. James, B.C., in the Omineca mining division. Metallic mineralization includes nickel, cobalt, and chromium. At least some of the nickel mineralization occurs as awaruite, a natural occurring nickel alloy.

The Mitchell Range Group area claim consist of two contiguous claim blocks covering 3,134 hectares with demonstrated metallic mineralization including nickel, cobalt, and chromium. Nickel-cobalt mineralization has not been well explored, but the presence of awaruite has been documented. The acquisition of the Hard Nickel group and the Nickel 100 claims are subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval.


In addition, the company holds an early-stage lithium brine prospect in Clayton Valley, Esmeralda County, Nevada. A total of 118 claims covering 2,300 acres (930 Ha) are located over the western side of the Clayton Valley playa adjoining a portion of neighbouring lithium producer Albemarle’s (NYSE: ALB) lithium evaporation ponds.

The property position covers an inferred graben bounded by the Silver Peak range front on the west and Goat Island on the east. The exploration concept is the graben is a subbasin of the larger Clayton Valley basin and may represent a secondary trap for lithium brines and lithium bearing clays within the greater system.

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What We Do

Mining Exploration

Our project is very well situated in central British Columbia with access via high speed logging roads, secondary forestry roads, rails lines and hydroelectric power that criss crosses this region of British Columbia In near by towns there’s an abundance of skilled labour, assay labs, helicopter services and an overall infrastructure to support mining exploration.

The company’s exploration targets border a potentially carbon neutral nickel-iron deposit. To date the adjoining company has spent over $25 million to explore and develop this target. Nickel Rock Resources has optioned a group of properties in this region. Over the past 25 years these properties have undergone a limited amount of exploration and drilling.

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